What We Know Best

Raintree has deep roots in the neighborhoods and communities where we invest. We believe that the best way to be a steward of a community is to be embedded in that community. We stick to what we know best.

Candela - Sophisticated Living in Franklin Village


Status: Development in Progress
Location: Franklin Village, CA

Sophisticated Living has arrived in Franklin Village. Surrounded by tall whispering palms, Candela is bathed in a radiating glow of sunlight. Cosmopolitan living nestled at the base of Hollywood Hills, Cadela has a luminous connection with the thriving village.

Candela offers a collection of homes with a timeless yet modern interior, indulgent amenities to awaken your imagination, in a passionately expressive setting.

Candela - Sophisticated Living in Franklin Village

Reinvesting in our Communities

Raintree is a long-term owner. We expect to be in these communities for decades. Therefore we are passionate about re-investing in our properties. Preserving the housing stock of our local workforce creates vibrant communities that can continue to thrive.


Raintree is on the ground every day in the communities where we invest. And we will continue to be there for the long-term. By knowing the details of every street corner and neighborhood in our markets, we are best positioned to recognize long term growth potential. We are committed to these markets and will continue to curate our growth via strategic, well-informed bespoke investments.