Our Roots

Our investments speak to our deep roots in the vibrant communities we are a part of. More than likely, our team’s walked your city, we know about that quiet coffee shop down the street, and we’ve seen your neighborhood’s beauty and why you love to call it home.

Giving Back

Raintree Partners Giving Back

Habitat for Humanity Event

The efforts leading up to, and the activities on Saturday’s Building Event showcased everyone’s exceptional skill sets, remarkable teamwork, and highlighted the Company’s heart for giving forward and back.

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Tools for Schools Event

“A HUGE thank you the Raintree Partners group for your generous donation. The backpacks and materials have already been dispersed to our classrooms and teachers are providing to students. We are incredibly grateful at Estock!"

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The Importance of Preservation and Management

We extend our expertise from preservation to management of the underutilized buildings. We make sure that the assets maintain their utility physically as well as functionally for the long term.

Procure, Preserve, Renovate

We attempt to preserve the design and architecture entrenched in the folds of time with our incredible foresight, evaluation and technique that leaves a part of us in every building we work on. It lives for years to come and make our efforts timeless.



The Stories We Tell

A community is a collection of stories worth investing in. We invite local artists to tell those stories through their artwork at each of our properties.